Q: What is the difference between a Pole Building and a Steel Building?

A: From the outside, both look pretty similar with a standard package. Pole buildings typically utilize a steeper pitch for the wood truss. A Steel building doesn't have trusses, but uses a solid I-beam frame. All framing materials are steel, with steel panel on the sides standard. A Pole Building will have wood trusses, with wood girts & purlins with steel panel siding standard.

Q: What sizes of buildings do you do?

A: Steel Buildings range in size from 30'x40' up to 200'x300'+. There is no "Standard" size, but we always recommend that you stick with even feet. We can technically do steel buildings smaller than 30'x40', but it may be cost prohibitive compared to other options.


Q: How long does it take to get a building?

A: From the time you place your order, a simple "box" building takes between 6-8 weeks to deliver. larger, more complex buildings can take longer, but generally should not take more than 16 weeks.

Construction time depends on the size of the building, accessories ordered, job location, time of year, and other factors. Please contact one of our representatives for more information to determine approximate time frames for your specific project.


Q: Do you provide engineering for permits?

A: Our building package pricing includes stamped drawings for the building; you may need more engineered drawings for your project, such as foundation, electrical, plumbing, or other trades. We can help you along each step of the way to determine what your project will need.